The Chamber of Commerce


Sharon Houser - President

Colleen Sellers - Vice President

Tera Jensen - Secretary

Wade Shipman - Treasurer



Sharon Houser

Colleen Sellers

Tera Jensen

Wade Shipman

Misty Lenz

Bev Storm

Pat LiaKos

Denyse Sorenson

Natasha Delso

Associate Membership

The Officers and Directors of the Medicine Creek Chamber of Commerce wish to welcome individuals and businesses located outside our local trading area (Curtis, Maywood, Wellfleet, Moorefield and Stockville) to support the Medicine Creek Chamber of Commerce as an Associate Member. As an Associate Member you will be included in all of our chamber activities, receive a quarterly newsletter, a membership certificate and a change to share your ideas with our growing organization.

The associate dues are $25.00 per year and if anyone is interested contact Wade at 308-367-4155.

Medicine Creek Chamber of Commerce meetings are scheduled for every 2nd Wednesday of the Month at Noon

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RSVP by Tuesday Noon if possible to


Medicine Creek Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 6
Curtis, NE  69025

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Chamber Members

New Memberships are Due in April

Please watch for your name to be posted here with your paid membership.